Why do we Build Sogn.TV?

Why do we Build Sogn.TV?

So you love music. Then all you need to do is to log onto Sogn.TV, which is the world’s largest indie music discovery platform. The world of music on the internet is too vast; you might not imagine also that every minute you miss the latest updates of music. With this app, you will easily get to know the new releases. You can easily discover your favorite musician’s concert and book them also at the same time.

Join for free promotion

Have you ever checked the success stories of some musicians? There are number of talented musicians who haven’t got a good number of fan followers, while in other case not as talented musicians got more exposure. One of the big reasons of their failure is that they didn’t bother to promote their music.

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Music Prom0tion

Don’t be like them, Join Sogn.TV to precede your career further which has access to this competitive music industry. Sogn.TV provides you a comprehensive approach to grow you as a strong independent artist. And what’s particularly nice about it is – all these services can be approachable by the artists free of cost.

Help bookings through the app

The prior most reason you got into music is to play in front of a crowd. Sogn.TV has launched an app for the music lovers that will allow them to find bookings for the music concerts or any other relevant local events. If you want to get yourself started, then you should better make it possible to get your music to the masses. It will let you ensure that your fans will be able to book your shows.

As an additional benefit, connecting your Sogn.TV accounts to your own music website automatically update show dates and allow tickets purchasing without lifting a finger.

Call for concerts

Doesn’t it sound strange? But Sogn.TV has made it possible to break the ice with your enthusiastic fans. This app will help you get concerts to get more exposure. Sogn.TV will turn out to be a huge time saver to find potential fans in areas where you are going to perform. You can connect with similar artists too who may connect you with other promoters or other good contacts too.

You will be surprised to know with this app how fast you can compile a complete list of your key promoters in your town.  These promoters will surely help to grow your business. It will provide your band with good amount of cash also.

music ,musician ,success, music promotion
music event

So Sogn.TV is available for free promotion which will enable you to promote your video. All services available in one click itself.  In this way you don’t need to waste hours to reach out to a larger audience. Even you also cannot imagine that your music videos will help you receive a surprising amount of audience and followers too.


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